Coping With COVID-19 Crisis: Deepak & Gotham Chopra’s New Podcast Is A Father-Son Mission Offering Advice & Hope

Launching this morning, Deepak Chopra’s new podcast Now for Tomorrow is something of a departure. While his books and other podcasts tend toward existential discourse, this is specially tailored to a world in crisis, for people needing immediate answers, advice and spiritual support. His son Gotham—a sports Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker who directed and executive produced Kobe Bryant’s Muse—is the driving force behind the podcast. Deciding people needed to access his father’s messages in a very direct, instructive form right now, he worked with Deepak to boil down his philosophical and spiritual teachings into more of an action plan. The resulting podcast is produced by Magnificent Noise and Religion of Sports, a sports media company co-founded by Gotham, Michael Strahan and Tom Brady.

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