Rosecliff invests in rapidly growing companies that are developing disruptive technologies in the
financial, consumer, healthcare, and software industries.


Rosecliff is a diversified investment management firm based in New York City. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors and portfolio companies. The firm has $1B in assets under management and operates multiple investment strategies, including credit, venture capital and private equity

$1 Billion








our portfolio companies


Named ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Shoe’ by TIME Magazine, Allbirds shoes are soft, lightweight, breathable, and fit your every move. The brand began as direct to consumer, and has since expanded to many storefronts around the world, offering products made out of materials as diverse as wool, eucalyptus fiber, and sugarcane.


Casper is the first direct-to-consumer online mattress provider, creating one perfect mattress at a price-point that everyone can love.


“Reinventing credit for the mobile generation.” The Petal Card is the solution for the underserved millennial credit card market. Millennials, who love technology and convenience, will now have a credit card providing a digital experience that brings simplicity, transparency and ease of use.


Pipe transforms recurring revenue into upfront capital for growth without debt or dilution.


Postmates is transforming the way goods move around cities by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand. Their revolutionary Urban Logistics platform connects customers with local couriers who can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minutes.


Roman delivers E.D. Medication discretely and directly to your doorstep. Most men don’t want to consult their doctor about the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. With Roman’s revolutionary Telemedicine solution, patients consult a doctor online quickly, and receive their prescription discretely, all while saving the trip to the doctor’s office. Roman is powered by Ro, a patient-driven telehealth company that aims to be a patient’s first call for all of their healthcare needs.

Thirty Madison

Thirty Madison is a human-first healthcare company bringing specialized care and treatment to everyone. Thirty Madison is the parent company of condition-specific brands known as: Keeps, Cove, Evens, and Picnic. From diagnosis to condition management, Thirty Madison breaks down the basics to make caring for complex conditions as straightforward and transparent as possible.

Wheels Up

Wheels Up provides private aviation options with flexible benefits and travel routes. With the belief that existing programs within the industry are antiquated, Wheels Up was founded by Bill Allard and current CEO Kenny Dichter to bring the best parts of private aviation to a new group of consumers.